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Signal Testing & Research™

With our proprietary research methodology, we help founders hone in on their exact target demographic and product benefits. The outcome is data-backed brand building and go-to-market strategy.


Whether you're a new brand or looking to tighten up your brand messages before allocating growth dollars, we're here with a data oriented approach.

Packaging & Website Design

WOW your shoppers with a branded unboxing experience. We have a knack in creating impactful touch-points that work with your budget.

Full Stack Team

Working with freelancers and multiple companies at a time is a waste of time! Get more impact with our full-stack eCommerce team so you can launch with experienced members who are passionate about your mission and purpose.

We are very proud of our alumni ✨

Daily GEM
Morning Recovery Drink
Pink Panda
Rowan for Dogs
Panty Drop
Immi Ramen
Hot Jupiter
Bio Ionic

Let's Chat

Set up some time with us so we can learn more about what you're building and we can share more about our proprietary research methodology that has help many founders build meaningful brands.

Minus Coffee

Launch Pop is like a secret Swiss Army knife for small companies and start-ups, and we couldn't be happier with their scope of services. Our team, mainly consisting of scientists, felt complete with their constant support in all things Marketing. Launch Pop helped us with everything from website design, and growth ads to email, packaging and product design. Their team’s commitment to seeing through a successful brand launch made us feel supported and forever grateful.


We partnered with LaunchPop as we launched our clean beauty brand for dogs, Rowan. From the start, Eva and Jane understood our business and partnered as founders vs. just as an agency. They encouraged us to do digital research which helped inform our targeting and positioning and led into a clear social acquisition and engagement strategy. The team is excellent at project management, consumer strategy and site development but most importantly, they understand early-stage business. Not only are they flexible with compensation approaches, but they even introduced us to potential investors.  We are so grateful to the Launch Pop team for helping us launch successfully and highly recommend them for founders looking to scale their business in a complicated and constantly changing digital environment.

The Kevins

Our love for ramen served as the impetus to create a healthier ramen brand. Thanks to our partnership with Launch Pop, we gained a clear understanding of what “healthy” meant to us and what the market demanded. Their signal testing methodology not only enabled us to identify a suitable product fit, but also provided invaluable insights into product development, customer acquisition costs, and more. With Launch Pop’s guidance, we were able to cultivate an engaged community that became our top converting cohort during the launch. Our community remains highly active to this day, contributing feedback and eagerly anticipating our upcoming product launches. Thanks to Launch Pop, we were able to build and launch our brand in a highly effective manner.