Back your decisions
with our proprietary
research method.

Understand your market and product-market fit
Launch Pop’s Proprietary Signal Testing™

A proven 3-pillar research method that has been used to create, pivot, and direct numerous businesses. From the early stages of creating a brand all the way to launching new product lines, our 3-pillar methodology provides direction through data.

Test & gather data
before you invest

By leveraging paid ads and social media, we can throw an idea into the market and determine interest. The benefit? Getting the validation you need to make an investment towards branding, manufacturing, packaging, website and growth. We believe in the importance of doing the research first and creating a brand and/or marketing strategy based on data.

The story is in the numbers and we’re the storytellers that make sense of it all.

Backed by 3 pillars of proprietary research

Competitive Research

We do a deep dive analysis of your competitors to better understand them and find the white space.

Signal Testing™

We test your product/idea into the market to understand who our target audience is and what they value.

Beta group

We create a private online community for your biggest fans that acts as a virtual focus group and builds excitement around your brand.

Make an
instant impression
With fading or GIF-style animated images

Select Case Studies

Case Study: Pre-website/Product launch

Company: Embody
Tackling beauty from the inside out. Edible skincare for healthier, glowing skin.

Timeline: 3 months which extended to a 12+ month relationship

What we did:
Tested an idea into the market.
Using our proprietary signal testing method, we figured out who was interested and what product form they wanted.
With data, we ended up pivoting from the original idea.

✸ $80k+ MRR
✸ Combined facebook ads/ emails and influencers
✸ Available at Urban Outfitters, POOSH, JC penny, and Anthropologie.

Case Study: Market fit for a new brand & product

Company: Immi Eats
A healthier take on instant ramen. Higher in protein, fewer carbs, and 100% plant-based.

Timeline: 3 Months

What we did: Using our proprietary signal testing we found who wanted the product, what they valued, and kick-started a tight-knit beta group of over 1.2k members.
From here we provided direction for product and brand strategy.

✸ Raised their first round with our research, just over $1MM
✸ Engaged private beta group over 1.2K members
✸ Huge portion of sales from the community at launch

Case Study: Product-market fit

Bringing comfort outdoors. The world’s first outdoor, portable, ergonomic chair.

Timeline: 1.5 months

Description: We took their fully built brand book + product and tested it into the market.
Using our proprietary signal testing we answered the following questions:

✸ Does the branding work?
✸ Is there interest in the product?
✸ Who is interested in the product and what do they value?

✸ Early data used to pitch investors
✸ Confidence in their brand book
✸ Fully data-driven launch strategy

Make an
instant impression
With fading or GIF-style animated images

Unlock most agencies that act like vendors and just get the work done, Launch Pop is here as a strategic partner. As ex-operaters, they get it. They're not afraid to push back, educate, share insight and work super collaboratively.

Jordon, Founder of Stealth Company
A strong understanding of your audience and their interests
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