“How do we take an existing brand, package it, build a website around it, and turn it into a successful launch?”

To kick-off this account, we leveraged lead gen ad creatives and copy to build a beta group community of loyal supporters who turned into the first customers. The ad data and research informed our entire website flow and the packaging layouts for this mission-driven brand. Before the Shopify build and design we created a Figma wireframe that mapped out UX, custom development, infographics, iconography, and strategic flows.

Prior to launch, we utilized strong messaging and in-person activations such as live sampling events and a wrapped truck and in-person signage for increased brand awareness. In addition, we implemented a 3-tiered pre-launch strategy that exclusively Minus in segments: first to the close friends, family and investors, then to the beta group community, and the final launch was to the public. For the public launch, we prepared several ad sets based on learnings from our initial research to drive increased conversion. We gathered learnings from this initial launch and optimized the website accordingly.


• 3,000+ leads captured at pre-launch and $1.30 cost per lead 
• 24 hour post-launch product sell-out
• 2.5% e-commerce conversion rate at launch (no optimization)

Web design driven by data, created to covert – our Minus website flow educated and empowered users to become loyal customers, resulting in a 24-hour product sell-out.

Minus’ mission-driven brand was about combatting climate change. We used educational email designs and web infographics so customers could feel apart of the greater purpose.

We used mobile-optimized custom development to create an interactive way to learn the ingredients inside the beanless cold brew.

Developed custom infographics to educate the Minus audience about key product highlights.

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