Don't just create pretty. Create conversion.

We call it Performance Branding.

Beautiful design + Data = Performance

Competitive Research

We do a deep dive analysis of your competitors to better understand their businesses, their aesthetics and find the white space.

Signal Testing ™

We use testing to discover your brand’s audience, the value props that interest them and anything else we think is important to better building your brand.

Beta group

We create a private online community for your biggest fans that acts like a virtual focus group and builds excitement around your brand.

Make an
instant impression
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Select Case Studies

Case Study: Branding & Launch

Company: More Labs

Timeline: 6 Months

Description: We used our proprietary research method to brand and launch Morning Recovery. We created their brand identity, packaging, website and helped them get off the ground.

✸ Research & Ad Testing
✸ Beta Group Community
✸ Copywriting
✸ Photography & Videography
✸ Website
✸ Growth
✸ Email Automation

✸ Over $150,000 raised in just one hour of launching Indiegogo campaign
✸ They were highly successful obtaining $10 MM in funding
✸ $1 MM revenue in just 3 months.
✸ They have since been featured in: Forbes, Business Insider, Forbes, Tech Crunch.

Case Study 2: Website

Company: Phyla

Timeline: 4 Months

Description: They came to us for a data-driven brand lift by leveraging our research methodology to determine what is and isn’t working for the existing brand.

✸ Research & Ad Testing
✸ Copywriting
✸ Photography
✸ Website
✸ Packaging Design

✸ Homepage drive over 3.5% conversion rate before further optimization
✸ 10x Revenue

Make an
instant impression
With fading or GIF-style animated images

Launch Pop is definitely NOT your average agency. They are an extension of your team, willing to dive in and work extra hard to make your launch successful. I loved the team's bias to action: they are able to get a lot done very quickly. They've always brought great creative ideas to the table, and helped us create an amazing brand!

Julie, Founder of Panty Drop

We design via data, so you can…

Prevent Future Rebrands

Build a brand backed by research, not assumptions, preventing costly rebrands in the future.

Understand Your Consumer

Know them well and what they actually want, so you can make sure your brand always speaks to them.

Raise Capital Fast!

Have all of the research you need to build out a sound investor pitch deck and raise $ right away!

What you get & more!

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