Why Culture First, Matters

Why Culture First, Matters

Why your company must have an uncompromisingly strong work culture:

Often, companies want to find the perfect candidate who matches every criteria on the list and then some. 

However, their criteria turn out to be flawed and incompetent, and it becomes frustratingly hard to take a 360 from there.

Having a rock-solid culture in place is a non-negotiable requirement to avoid such happenings at your firm.

Our CEO, Eva Chan, had her fair share of building companies before she embarked on building Launch Pop.

In one of her past companies, she’d worked at a company that grew from $0 to several million dollars in revenue in under two years.

It is quite imaginable that the company had to rush its hiring process to keep up with the fast-paced growth.

Not having some authentic culture to keep the company together became a dreadful situation.

Every now and then, you will encounter a situation that might offer a quick burst of growth, money, or any other desirable opportunity. It will ask you to turn a blind eye to your culture for a single time, leading you to falsely believe that the circumstances won’t be the same again.

The path you choose in those times establishes how much you own your culture and whether your faith in your values is unshakable.

Eva was offered investor money to boost Launch Pop’s growth and race against competitors.

But she politely turned the money down to prioritize freedom and sustainable growth.

This is the defining time for your company’s future and what your employees will remember about you.

If you're interested in learning more about how Launch Pop can help you launch your brand, reach out to us at hello@launchpop.io.

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