What should be every startup’s first goal – Revenue, growth, or market positioning?

What should be every startup’s first goal – Revenue, growth, or market positioning?

As a founder, you may think you understand your idea for a business exceptionally well.

But it's always good to step back and introspect your footsteps leading to your current stage.

Whatever your answer, let us help you better understand what a shrewd approach looks like to build a startup from scratch.

Many founders come to us because they want to multiply their revenue at the earliest. The other aspects don't matter to them as such.

Some knock on our doors, wanting us to nail down their product and storyline of their brand deeply.

While others seem to focus more on gathering a community right from the beginning of their startup journey.

If you didn't carry a vision from the very beginning, it's easy to get lost and follow behind a meaning you didn't find so much sense in.

Regardless of questions like what you're trying to build, for whom you're building it, and how fast you want to build it, there's one thing set in stone in the startup economy.

Your positioning.

In the early days, how you position yourself defines your startup's trajectory.

While discovering your intrinsic motivations for wanting to start a startup, you will learn about the off-the-surface things that drove you to enter the startup world.

Many founders believe that they can create their brand positioning out of thin air, but this might not be true for everyone.

However, far down, if you do carry a mission that goes beyond you, that's an easy step right there to define your positioning.

When you're past the self-discovery stage, it's time to scrutinize the image of your ideal customer and characterize them.

Are they someone who is moved primarily by their finances, desires, beliefs, past motivations, etc?

Based on the data, what benefits of your products speak the most to them?

You have to get on the ground and observe your customer from head to toe so you can share their worldview and ultimately see what expectations they have from a company like yours and why.

Having decided that, we conclude about how robust signal testing is. 

At Launch Pop, we run signal testing for our founders to help them navigate their ideal path to positioning a relentless brand.

And since we have been doing this for seven years, we have set appropriate benchmarks so our founders can learn more about their brand positioning every step of the way.

If you're interested in learning more about how Launch Pop can help you launch your brand, reach out to us at hello@launchpop.io. 

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