Reflecting on Q1 2024

Reflecting on Q1 2024

You may often hear us say this, but Launch Pop is not just an agency but a platform that serves us.

What separates us is the fact that what we do here isn't just our means to live but also our means to fulfill ourselves and bring meaning into our lives.

Our CEO, Eva Chan, has always cherished working with founders driven by a sense of purpose, and her only aim has been to unite people like herself to aid our founders in every way possible.

So far, LP has been beautifully and adequately nurturing every startup that has decided to join us.

To keep ourselves on top of our game, we do a quarterly assessment to capture our progress.

Allow us to take you through a little tour of what kept us busy in the first quarter of 2024!

  1. Increased Efficiency

We are always trying to progress towards being more efficient while collaborating with our founders.

We've been putting more work and sweat into rebuilding our process for research, branding and growth. As we improve, we get to build with more overlapping projects.

While building a company, a lot of streams move along each other, such as research, branding, naming, packaging, photoshoots, websites, emails, and more. Relying on our advanced processes, our team skillfully manages multiple streams of work simultaneously.

As we do that, we save our founders a fair chunk of time and cost.

  1. Team Retreat Planning

Since Launch Pop is a 100% remote team, we fancy every bit of time when we see each other's faces in person.

In September, the Launch Pop team will have a team retreat in LA. 

Everyone will be there to spend a weekend's time in Joshua Tree to reunite and recharge ourselves. 

The tickets are booked, plans are made, and smiles have spread! It's going to be a lovely time for us.

  1. Building Tech

Our signal testing tool is something that's loved by our founders, larger corporations, and other agencies. 

This is because our team has creatively mastered the process of getting intent data that is utilized to build strong funnels and private communities that convert 20-50% right once launched.

Today, we are investing in an internal tool to automate our reports and weave AI insights to help us nail our decision-making for our founders.

With that, this week's LP Diary will take a break until next time!

If you're interested in learning more about how Launch Pop can help you launch your brand, reach out to us at 

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