How to Collaborate with Agencies and Maximize Success

How to Collaborate with Agencies and Maximize Success

Almost every business has to outsource something at some point because it's not possible to have a dedicated department that is talented and skilled enough to nail every project.

Everyone has their specialties. Your company might boast a strong grip on manufacturing, hiring, product development, etc. 

However, more often than not, some things are left out in the corner where you could appreciate an extra hand.

Yet even if you do go out and find your perfect pair with an agency to divide the workload, not knowing how to effectively and optimally get the best out of the relationship could become a force to reckon with.

People tend to take it lightly and think that a tie-up with an agency is merely a business transaction and only deserves your minimum effort. 

If you have been someone who shared that opinion, we'd love to give a little push to your perspective in a new direction.

In any realm of the business world, you have to be phenomenal at building and keeping relationships. In the end, every business is a people business.

So, how do you get the most out of partnering with an agency for your business? 

Let us show you the way:

  1. Vet for culture fit:

Agency partnerships are heavily collaborative in nature. You will spend a ton of time together with them, building, researching, ideating, etc. 

However, none of it would be fruitful if your synergies don't match each other regarding how you work, when you work, etc. 

It's exceptionally crucial to have your visions and actions in alignment. 

  1. Prioritizing quality over timelines:

Treating the agencies you hire as the extension of your teams is always a better idea. 

Agencies don't provide you with human machines but experienced problem-solvers with collaborative minds. 

When you are looking to partner with an agency, look for one that has different tools to support remote or IRL collaborations and projects.

  1. Provide succinct feedback timely:

Get specific while giving your feedback to the agency.

Create a hierarchy in your thinking and dive into more details about the feedback's stage, focus, goal, and objective. 

  1. Ensure the agency's success:

Just as we remain obsessed with making our internal teams succeed at their projects, extending the same behavior to the agency is advantageous.

Be sure to equip them with everything they need to make the collaboration a flying success. What does this mean? Respecting off hours, following processes, staying focused. 

  1. Be kind

Any agency you hire is run by people who are run by emotions and feelings. All they expect to achieve from the collaboration is winning case studies for both parties.

It's easy to forget that all of you are on the same team striving towards the same goal. 

Be respectful of their time, effort, and commitment. Let them get hit by inspiration in free hours, so they can deliver the best work to you.

  1. Healthy check-ins:

Like any healthy work relationship, it only helps to check in for any overdue feedback or messages in a timely.

  1. Let curiosity take the lead:

Let your curiosity take the lead and ask lots of questions so you are all completely aware of each other's ideas and missions.

Be a little bolder and jump farther. Take risks. Nobody knows everything, so it's better to show a little faith and take a bigger leap to see how things pan out.

Build a systematic culture of risk-taking and extracting the learning out of it. 

This is what will enable you to unlock true innovation.

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