Build a Brand that Performs

Build a Brand that Performs

Branding is nothing without intent — Let us explain.

Branding done without a solid intent backing it never works.

You need real-time recurrent data behind your branding and marketing moves to cause waves in the market.

It can be fruitful to let your gut dictate your actions in business at times. After all, the inner calling is what we give the most importance to as humans.

However, when it comes to branding for your product, just having the right "feeling" in the gut or trusting your "eye" for the beauty and aesthetics can backfire.

Before finalizing every round for your product, you have to be out in the market and discover the likes, dislikes, yeses, and nos of your customers. 

One such case that we witnessed was with a founder from years ago.

They came to us as they needed help with launching their product. 

It had been a year since they had been religiously working on their brand, logo, colours, and packaging. They had even given the order for product production.

Every decision leading up to this stage was based on the data from a questionnaire sent out to a few hundred people, including their friends and strangers.

That was the start of the real problem.

The people whose answers were considered were not even the targeted customers.

All they did was simply shell out a few minutes for a friend to answer some questions.

This begs the question of how important those answers were at all when they did not come from the right audience.

Whenever we onboard a new founder at Launch Pop, the first 2-3 months are well spent in plain research and testing to understand the trajectory of the founder’s company, industry, market, idea, goals, etc.

After we've gotten a steady grasp of the things mentioned above, we move on to other important aspects like building the brand, website, packaging, etc.

At every stage of the process, we let data dictate our decisions.

Letting your experience or gut make impactful decisions is a slippery slope. You'd be hugely prone to lose your grip and fall.

Our insight-led approach involves Signal Testing from potential buyers on Meta that assists us in taking promising steps in building the brand, website, and GTM strategy.

It's fair to say we don't leave any crucial decision-making at the mercy of emotions and gut feelings.

If you're interested in learning more about how Launch Pop can help you launch your brand, reach out to us at

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