A sneak peek into Launch Pop's healthiest holiday culture

A sneak peek into Launch Pop's healthiest holiday culture

From day 1, Launch Pop has placed wellness over vanity.

It's easy to get busy chasing numbers and forget what you might be putting your people through.

Launch Pop has been one for growth but two for stability.

We treat our team members as if they're family. 

Be it having lunch, a doctor's appointment, or taking the dog out on a walk - everyone's calendar is visible to everyone on the team.

It allows us to know when someone has time for things and how well they are managing work and their personal life.

We believe you can't separate your work from your life or vice versa. Hence, it becomes incredibly important to intertwine both of the things in harmony.

So when it comes to holidays, even as a 100% remote company, Launch Pop comes right ahead in catering to our team's needs.

To share a few snippets:

  1. Half-day Fridays:

Launch Pop serves us all around the year, but we don't work all around the week.

The team is free to take it easy on Fridays, so they have plenty of time to take a long weekend trip, catch up with family, or do the other 472 things they want to do.

  1. Moon Days:

The founder of Your Super inspired us to introduce Moon Days at Launch Pop.

Every female in the company and those who identify as one are entitled to take a day off during their Time of the Month to rest and recharge.

Men created the idea of a workplace, and this is our initiative to empower and strengthen our women in the company.

  1. Unlimited holidays

Everyone on the team gets to have unlimited holidays and days off.  

The only condition is that a member should not take a break for more than two weeks in a row.

For smaller matters like taking a day or two off, a team member does not need approval as long as everyone is informed, including our clients.

Quite clearly, Launch Pop gives it all to ensure the team gets to function optimally as well as healthily.

With each step in our team's wellness direction, we are helping Launch Pop become a better platform to serve everyone!

If you’re interested in learning more about Launch Pop or joining the team reach out to hello@launchpop.io

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