5 Things Launch Pop does Differently to Foster Talent

5 Things Launch Pop does Differently to Foster Talent

5 things we're doing differently at Launch Pop to foster our personal and professional growth -  #LPculture

As a 100% remote company, Launch Pop has forged a way to stay connected despite the thousands of miles separating us. Some would argue that one might not even be able to build a growth-led culture in a remote company, let alone build a thriving one.

However, we have managed to nail both sides of the coin, and you're about to know how!

  1. Daily good mornings

We send each other a "Good morning!" message on Slack every morning. While many ignore the value and sentiment of a simple good morning message, we do not.

It's a nice way to greet each other and make everyone in the team feel valued and cared for. It brings good energy to the chat, and along with the message, we bring up a little something to chat about. It's nothing forced, which is why it lightens up everyone's mood before we begin to conquer the day.

  1. Remote Jam Sesh

We let the Google Video Conferencing torch guide us to ensure we all work in harmony. We hop on calls and get grinding together on our work sessions. We share ideas, collaborate, laugh, and create together. 

However, that's certainly not all that's needed to bond and bind us together, which leads us to the next remote-culture hack.


  1. Slack channels for life, personal development, and humor

We proudly call ourselves a family at Launch Pop. We talk about our lives and struggles while also providing others with a listening ear when needed. This is one of the things that separates Launch Pop from the extensively glorified hustle culture.

We share the meaningful parts of our days. Some of our channels include:
#workplace-wellness: dedicated to moon rituals, meditations, yoga flows, and more!

#irl-toronto: planning meet-ups in real life – either lunches/dinners, games, or fun activities!

#biweekly-mindblown: each team member takes a turn hosting a fun virtual team-building activity.

#random: sharing conversation starters and “popping” other team members. This could range from sharing Valentine’s Day love lists, live snapshots of what you’re working on, or even your favorite cooking sauce!

#memes: no words, all humor and laughs.

  1. Brand news and inspiration

We have dedicated a separate Slack channel to share new and upcoming brand inspirations and trends. It keeps us up-to-date on what's trending in the market and ensures we are continually providing forward-thinking value to the founders and brands we work with.

  1. Work Transparency

We share our work publicly on Slack and tag the relevant people so there's enough transparency as to each others' work timelines, daily tasks, short-term goals, etc.

This task transparency lets us know what everyone has been up to in the company and even boosts morale to win the day.

Remote work is the future. It opens you up to opportunities and people you probably couldn't have connected with just a handful of years ago.

Sure, there are downsides, like being unable to chat over coffee or lunch, but it makes those moments that we do reunite in person, that much more special. If you’re interested in learning more about our remote culture or joining the team reach out to hello@launchpop.io



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